Reversing Vertical Scroll on Windows

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This project installs the Mac OS X Lion Natural Scrolling feature on Microsoft Windows

[Updated: Jul 14 2012]

[Tested: Windows 7 SP1]

This setup reverses the direction of the vertical mouse wheel+trackpad scrolling in Windows.

This tweak has several uses:

Remember that you can always disable Reverse Scroll by clicking 'Suspend Hotkeys' on the Windows Notification Area icon :

The setup installs the Reverse Scroll executable file, adds a Start Menu icon, and sets Reverse Scroll to automatically run on Windows Startup.

To download the setup click here.

Personal Suggestion

If you find Windows scrolling with an Apple Trackpad or Wireless Magic Mouse too fast, set the Windows Control Panel > Mouse Properties > Wheel, to the value of 2 (default is 3):

About this Project

This project was created with AutoHotkey, inspired by some freely available scripts, and compiled into a standalone executable.
The executable was then wrapped in a setup created with NSIS for easy installation.

Have fun scrolling! :)

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